This Museum is for you!

Date & Location

2022, Bucharest



The exhibition ‘This Museum is for you!’ brings rare pieces and treasures from the collections of 26 museums in Romania to the Romanian Peasant Museum.

The pieces are spatially grouped into five main categories: history, ethnography, natural history, literature, art, and are displayed centrally and perimetrically through red horizontal and vertical planes.

A versatile and modular structure, limited to a minimal formal vocabulary in which the red horizontal plane is used for the display of objects and explanatory texts.

Project Manager / Curator: Dragoș Neamu
Project assistant: Iuliana Dumitru
Communication: Thick Bud
Project coordinator: National Network of Museums in Romania
Advisor: Valer Rus and Ciprian Anghel Ștefan
Curator: Petronela Fotea
Creative director: Constantin Goagea
Exhibition design: Ioana Naniș, Cristina Ginara, Ioana Vlaș, Ionuț Leahu, Denisa Rotaru
Graphic design: Artemisa Pascu, Andrei Tache, Andrei Grosu
Production: Acant Design, atelier SET, Promotas Advertising, Go Ahead Media
Partner and host: National Museum of the Romanian Peasant
Strategic partner: Dr. Gheorghe Telea-Bologa Memorial Center Association from Sibiu
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu