Date & Location

2006, Venice


Romanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Urban development can be seen as a game, one with teams of different sizes and types which are changing, interlacing or including each other, in which actions, reactions and negotiations between individual and collective interests take place all the time. The game has explicit or implicit rules and it oscillates between a relative autonomy and a dependence on general evolutions (social, cultural and economic). If true urbanity assumes the presence of a community and the idea of participation, in terms of a game, it means the passage from personal interests and activities to collaboration and involvement.

Romania’s pavilion in the 2006 edition of the Venice Biennale contains two essential elements: the exhibition, which presents the territorial reality, the tendencies and the alternatives, and an installation – a game called REMIX!– inviting to involvement.

The game is built based on the nine sections of the exhibition. These essential fragments become pieces, containing a symbolic question and four possibilities for an answer. Visitors must remix the given collection, that is to choose one answer for each question and therefore compose a multiple image – their own project for the development of the Romanian territory. The idea governing this game is the presumption that, in order to undertake a responsibility, the first step is to state your personal opinions on a general evolution, all that, beyond your personal and immediate interests. The game gives a shape to this first step. This should be followed by a dialogue between the different positions and then by negotiation and by an accepted evolution.

Authors of the project and editors of the catalogue: Constantin Goagea (deputy-commissioner), Cosmina Goagea, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Justin Baroncea, Ana Bleahu, Carmen Popescu (member in the design team fot the competition).

Commissioner: arch. Marius Marcu-Lapadat
Photos: Cătălin Berescu, Liviu Chelcea, Mihai Duțescu, Dragoș Lumpan, Planwerk, Ștefan Tuchilă
Stencils: Alexe Popescu
Production of the exhibition system: Alin Popescu, Dana Popescu
Electronic system for the game: CETTI – Center For Technological Electronics and
Interconnection Techniques, Upb-Cetti, “Politehnica” University Of Bucharest: Paul Svasta, Vlad Cocoru
Texts and research: Cătălin Berescu, Mariana Celac, Liviu Chelcea, Codruþa Cruceanu, Celia Ghyka, Narcis Jeler,Vera Marin, Planwerk Cluj, Amalia Virdol
Marketing & PR: Raluca Marțiș, Simona Chițac

This project has been devised by the Union of Architects of Romania in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and the Romanian Cultural Institute, and sustained by Carpatcement.