Date & Location

2021, Bucharest


The National Museum of Cotroceni

Over almost three and a half centuries, the Cotroceni ensemble has acquired different functionalities, ecclesiastical or secular, from the royal monastery to the princely residence, to the royal palace, to the palace of the pioneers and, finally, to the headquarters of the Presidential Administration.

The exhibition presents the Cotroceni ensemble as a witness of these historical periods, of the interaction between architectural styles, of the influences, models and relations that develop between power and culture and of the transformations that this remarkable monument has gone through in the last three centuries. The space in the former wine cellars has a mysterious accentuated character given by the very high height, by the sound resonance of the 4 large vaults that amplify any sound of footsteps, by the horizontal brick strings that emphasize the massiveness of the walls, but also by a very low light. almost dark. It is very important for any exhibition to add value to the space in which it takes place, not to obliterate its qualities, and finally to enhance its meanings from all the elements and characteristics of the place.

The design intervention that the exhibition Once upon a time in Cotroceni presupposed, it consisted in an accentuation of the mystery and charm of the cellar by means of luminous objects. The pieces of information presentation – the exhibitors – have a linear backlight, which on the one hand detaches these objects from the architectural context, but at the same time, follows the horizontal design and highlights the impressive brick texture, and enhances those clear games. obscure of space.

Design & curatorial concept: Zeppelin Design / Cosmina Goagea, Cristina Ginara, Ioana Naniș, Petre Frangulea, Anastasia David, Andrei Moldoveanu, Sonia Lascu, Andrei Angelescu, Aurelian Ardeleanu, Constantin Goagea
Production: Urban Paint, Azero, fabrica de milimetri
Images: Cotroceni, National Museum

General Director MNC: Liviu Sebastian Jicman
Project coordinators: Ana-Maria Ludatșer, Bianca-Maria Bălșan
Sceintific consultants: dr. Ștefania Dinu, dr. Mariana Lazăr
MNC team: dr. Ioana Lidia Ilea, Camelia Rădulescu, Corina Moșescu, Paulina Sofica, Elena Tufan, Adriana Turcuman, Livia Georgescu, Nicoleta Ceaușu, Ilie Dobroiu, Nicolae Crișu, Costică Voicu, Mihai Tudor, Augustin Mirea, Cristian Chirea
Photos: Andrei Mărgulescu