Halele Carol

Date & Location

2015, Bucharest


The Bucharest Architecture Annual: Nomination for the “Participative Architecture and Civic Actions” section

Under Carol Factory name (the place belongs to Hesper S.A.), Zeppelin Association initiated a methology for a process of transformation of a former industrial site in Bucharest, a place for creative industries and urban culture. The project addresses the topic of transformation of industrial areas and iconic industrial architecture by proposing some examples for reuse of this factory site thus answering the needs of development of cultural and educational activities and spaces in the southern part of Bucharest. With the series of events organized in 2015 (from May to October) attention is drawn on the potential of the area to become an urban pole for the city.

Moreover it adds to the intentions of the local authorities to revitalize the Carol Park. This exhibition is the first step of the program in this year, curated in partnership with USF Bergen Art Center and together with Hesper S.A. The exhibition consists of a path with art installations and design in the outdoor spaces of the factory. This route comprises five works, three of which are signed by Norwegian artists Marit Haugen, Erlend Blakstad Haffner, Finn Eirik Modahl & Arne Revheim and the other two by Constantin Goagea & Meta van Drunen.

The urban activation process may have social, economic and cultural impact on the local community. It’s a pilot project in the south side of Bucharest which currently lacks cultural activities and venues. It may open its doors for the neighbourhood that will mean for many a ‘neighbour’ a first acquaintance with industrial heritage and art. Socially and economically it will mean that an important signal will be given that this neighbourhood is being invested in, and not only by tearing down old and develop new buildings, but by maintaining what is good and has historic value.

The project supports the diversity and identity of the creative communities by proposing a comprehensive range of activities in unconventional and emblematic industrial spaces. Today the recovery of such spaces by artistic and cultural communities is an increasingly strong trend.

Artists/Architects: Marit Haugen (No), Erlend Blakstad Haffner (No), Finn Eirik Modahl & Arne Revheim (No), Meta van Drunen (Ro), Constantin Goagea (Ro)
Curators: Evy Sorensen (USF), Cosmina Goagea and Ştefan Ghenciulescu (Zeppelin)
Project organizers: Zeppelin Association, Romania in partnership with USF Bergen, Norway
Partners: The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Romania, Hesper SA, Chamber of Romanian Architects
Production of wooden installations: Acant Design
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu, Vlad Basca

Project supported by a Grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.