Date & Location

2018, Bucharest

FLIP is a project about money, its value, the way we manage it and the economy in general. It is a mobile concept and is now travelling around the country, from town to town, easily reaching children between 7 and 14 years old in primary schools, to whom it is primarily dedicated. This is made possible because FLIP sits in a convertible truck, which expands and becomes a space for education through play.

It is one of those projects that breaks out of any communication or branding patterns and brilliantly goes beyond the boundaries of classic CSR activities. The strategy of adopting such an unconventional form for an educational project is, in fact, a response to a concrete situation.

The question of how such a concept could reach as many children in the country as possible, including when it’s holiday time, and especially how such a project could become really appealing when children spend many hours anyway with phones or tablets, electronic games in general, were at least legitimate. So, through design, lights and interactivity, FLIP emerged as the right seductive formula to bring it all together, while becoming a fun place with off and online games, but also a learning space.

The concept of edutainment applied here brings an important and much needed complementary educational format to the Romanian school curriculum. Basically, for an hour or so children have to play 5 games with and about money, savings, investments, crises and the economy, be it on a small or global scale. And it must be said that none of the games involve dice, luck, fate or astral conjunctions, nor do they have levers or lead to addiction, which is very important to point out in today’s context, where the triad money, interactive and play leads us to think of the game rooms, which are more often than not linked to pawnshops and exchanges.

Design: Zeppelin Design / Constantin Goagea, Justin Baroncea, Anastasia David, Alex Condrea
Lights: Vem Proiect Lighting (proeict), Urban Paint (exeuție)
Educational programme development, educational content delivery and visitor interaction: Asociaţia Şcoala de Valori – Silvia Bogdan, Marian Knup, Camil Domofte, Irina Botezatu, Alexandra Mircea, Tiberiu Andrei + the team of specialised trainers
Adaptation of educational content: Disruptive Thinking
Photo: Radu Malașincu

FLIP in its mobile version is an exhibition concept developed by Erste Group and BCR, in partnership with Vodafone and BCR Leasing